High power and extraordinary efficiency ferrous materials heater: this machine produces heat directly inside of the metal till 6mm of depth. The temperature of the material can be raised up to 1000°C in a 10x40x6mm surface in 1 second only. The absence of flames allows you to work near cables, pipes or other parts that can be damaged by heat. Furthermore, oxygen flames raises the external metal temperature over 3000°C with a consequent unavoidable changings in the characteristics of the metal. On the contrary, induction heating produces heat only in the required point: you can make the most common operation of straightening, bending, pin changing, with a temperature of 600°C only.

The machine is managed by a powerful processor ARM-Cortex M4 of the latest generation with exclusivity T-DIP technology (Digital Induction Processing) guarantees at the same time the complete reliability of the process, high precision regulation and a high degree of adaptability to different operating conditions.

Recommended for:
molten pin removal
shaft straightening
tie-beam straightening
spherical joint unlocking
suspensions removing
spring straightening or bending
break pipeline working
bolts unlocking
steel hardening
lambda sensor unlocking
rigid axis straightening
damper removal
wheel bolts unlocking
rusty prisoners unlocking

Xperience XP18
Maximum power: 18kW selectable in 10 steps
Frequency: 15-50kHz self regulation
Power supply: 380-400V 50/60Hz
Water cooling
Dimensions: cm 50x60x110h
Weight: kg 150
Power cable 10 meters Heating cable 6 meters