induction heater

induction heater

induction heater

Helios is an induction heater of exceptional power, designed to heat any type of metal including aluminum; it generates heat inside it without the use of flame, improving the quality standards of the machined piece. This allows you to heat up quickly and more safely, even near heat-sensitive parts, such as cables or pipes.

Built to ensure the best performance and reliability, it is recommended for industries, mechanical workshops, shipyards and metal carpentry. It is equipped with an ISOLATION TRANSFORMER, to ensure the operator absolute safety, even in the most unfavorable and unpredictable situations.

Color touch monitor for controlling all functions. It can be connected to the company network for process automation. Patented automatic temperature control. When the Curie temperature is reached (770 ° C for iron) it is possible to automatically stop heating before changing the characteristics of the metal.



-Power: 40 kW with regulation on 10 levels
-Frequency: 15-50 kHz self-adjustment
-Power supply: 3x400V, 50 or 60 Hz
--Cooling: liquid (optional integrated chiller)
- 6 m hose bundle length (10 meters optional)
- 10 m power cable
- Braking wheels, sturdy and smooth for all types of terrain
-Optional: PLC - MODBUS for time and temperature control
-Optional: 480V 60Hz
-Optional: trolley to support the heating tip (Cable length up to 10 meters)
-Optional foot control

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