Teknel achieves a new world first: the world's first portable heater with 8 kW of power and integrated liquid cooling. It is equipped with high-powered electronics managed by the 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 processor and is considered an excellence in miniaturization, born from the experience gained over the years thanks to constant research and development. Suitable for straightening and unlocking of ferrous and aluminum elements. The water cooling system allows heating work to be carried out without interruption.

- Optional trolley
- Optional torch support arm
- Possibility of using an additional exchanger

It creates heat directly inside the metal at a depth of 5 mm. It can lead to red heat (800 ° C) a surface of 15x15mm (thickness 5mm) in just one second. Thanks to its compact size it can be easily transported to carry out any type of work wherever necessary. The lightweight body is made entirely of aluminum and the new patented inductor increases the yield by 30%. At 16 kg it is the smallest heater of its kind, suitable for workshops, carpentries, body shops and tire shops, for straightening, bending, bearing replacement, unlocking rusty bolts and removing fillers and paints. Like all our machines it is equipped with an ISOLATION TRANSFORMER which guarantees absolute safety to the operator even in the most unfavorable and unpredictable conditions.

Wide range of inductors designed to provide maximum power. The flow concentrator and the high temperature resistant protective cap are blocked without the use of glue.


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