Xperience 22

induction heater

induction heater

induction heater
Xperience industrial induction heater (22 kW), the fastest! Top of the range for workshops that constantly work on commercial vehicles, trucks, trucks and heavy vehicles in general and that need to heat up large thicknesses of metal in just a few seconds, for long working times, thanks to the double cooling system.
It creates an immediate heating of the piece, for straightening of ferrous or aluminum frames, release of rusted joints or bolts, removal of fillers and paints, release of rusted studs, hardening of steels, keying, removal of bearings.

- Maximum power: 24kW selectable on 10 levels
- Maximum current absorption: 30A
- Power supply voltage: 380-400V three-phase
- Power frequency: 50Hz, or 60Hz on request
- Liquid cooling
- Weight: 190Kg


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