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induction heater

induction heater

Teknel, according to your needs, produces induction generators able to improve the quality of the finished product, the safety of the workplace, the costs of production processes and reduce CO2 emissions. By replacing old heating systems with induction, the benefits are immediate. "MEGA" is a series of machines designed for industrial applications, for metalworking with high power that allow to reach the required temperatures in a few minutes or, if necessary, in a few seconds. While the flame brings the surface temperature of the metal to more than 3000 ° C, inevitably modifying its characteristics, induction heating generates the heat directly inside it and only in the required point in an extremely precise way, thus increasing the quality of the finished product.

The machines are managed by a powerful latest generation ARM-Cortex M4 processor with exclusive T-DIP (Teknel Digital Induction Processing) technology which at the same time guarantees process quality, high regulation precision and a high degree of adaptability to different operating conditions. All our machines can be connected to company networks interfaced with PC and PLC through the MODBUS protocol which allows the machine to be automated. By connecting an external thermocouple or a pyrometer it is possible to read the temperature of the piece to be heated with extreme precision. It is also possible to set the heating time. Eventually they can be built hermetically sealed for use in particularly critical environments such as foundries, mining and industrial plants in general. Our systems use the latest generation of high-power IGBT technology, protected against short circuits and overcurrents. It is also equipped with a special ISOLATION TRANSFORMER, which guarantees maximum safety for the operator even in the most unpredictable situations.


When the Curie temperature is reached (770 ° C for iron) it is possible to automatically stop heating before changing the characteristics of the metal.


-Power 50, 100, 200 kW and over
-Power supply: 400V 50/60 Hz (480 USA)
-Frequency 5-50 kHz controlled by microprocessor
- Liquid cooling
- Possibility of connection to the industrial cooling system
- Project dimensions

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