induction heater
induction heater
induction heater

This machine has been specially made to straighten large metal surfaces.
Born from the need to perform hot on the steel decks of large boats, it is able to easily straighten the sheet after its welding.
It has exceptional power and efficiency and creates heat directly inside the metal at a depth of 6 mm.
It brings the metal to red heat (approx. 800 ° C) a surface of 200 x 15 mm of thickness 6 mm in just 7 seconds.
The absence of open flames allows you to work even near heat-sensitive parts, such as cables or pipes.

Gas fired flames bring the metal surface temperature to over 3000 ° C, with inevitable changes in structural characteristics. Induction heating, on the other hand, generates heat only at the required point and improves the quality standards of the finished work: it quickly brings the metal to high temperatures, but 500-600 ° C is sufficient to perform straightening or bending operations.
This machine has been expressly designed to replace the torch in shipyards and to improve quality standards with faster and more precise work in the straightening of decks and bulkheads.


Color touch monitor for controlling all functions. It can be connected to the company network for process automation. Patented automatic temperature control. When the Curie temperature is reached (770 ° C for iron) it is possible to automatically stop heating before changing the characteristics of the metal.

For long-distance operations, the trolley for supporting the heating head with heating cycle control is available. It can operate up to a distance of 50m from the machine. All the cables of the heating head are isolated from the mains and remain safe even in the event of failure, damage or tampering. It is equipped with a timer for repetitive cycles. Powerful electromagnets automatically block the inductor from the moment the heating is activated until the work is completed.

The machine is managed by a powerful latest generation ARM-Cortex M4 processor with exclusive T-DIP (Teknel Digital Induction Processing) technology which at the same time guarantees complete reliability of the machine and process, high regulation precision and high degree of adaptability to different operating conditions.

It only takes a few seconds to obtain the desired effect: in 7 seconds it brings a surface of 200 x 15 mm to 6 mm of depth to red heat.

Thanks to the high power, working times are reduced. The savings compared to the oxyacetylene torch range from 50% to 90%.


MMaximum safety without gas cylinders. The heater is also equipped with a special INSULATION TRANSFORMER to guarantee the user maximum safety even in the most unfavorable conditions, even in the case of a faulty electrical system. It has passed severe tests with sophisticated equipment and has obtained all the certifications required by European legislation, including as regards emissions of electromagnetic fields.

-Heating on iron 200 x 15 mm
-Depth of heating 6 mm in 7 seconds
-Power: 40 kW with regulation on 10 levels (single torch)
-Power: 80 kW with regulation on 10 levels (with double torch for double hot)
-Frequency: 15-50 kHz self-adjustment
-Power supply: 3x400V, 3Ph, 50Hz
-Cooling: liquid with integrated chiller for long work cycles
-It is available with a separate cooling system that allows the generator to be moved up to 50 meters away
- Pipe bundle length up to 50 meters
-Optional: wheeled satellite with resonant circuit (Cable length up to 50 meters)
- Total distance from the base up to 110 meters
-Optional: 480V 60Hz
--Optional: light torches for manual use (length from 6 to 10 meters) with patented connections
for quick replacement (in less than 10 seconds)

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