Designed to work in the body shop. 3kW of power and 5kg of weight. It is possible to use 5 accessories for specific use for the bodywork, to remove the stickers and moldings without leaving glue residues on the paint, unlock the bolts, detach the fixed windows and lift the dents caused by hail. Ideal for removing any type of material glued to metal supports, removing paint, rear and side fixed glass, moldings, soundproofing and adhesives, without leaving glue residues. It is capable of unlocking rusted bolts or removing hail dents, saving you many hours of work. With the adhesive remover, glass remover and bolt heater accessories it is also possible to work on aluminum.

Specially designed to work on the bodywork, they allow you to easily remove a dent without the need to repaint, remove stickers or moldings without leaving glue residues, remove the rear window and fixed side windows by dissolving the glue that seals them, without leaving the putty on the sheet metal.


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