11 kW Preheat 11

Machine of medium power but of extraordinary efficiency for preheating large surfaces before welding. Used for the construction and maintenance of large carpentry. It creates heat directly inside the metal and quickly brings it to the optimal temperature for welding, improving the quality of the finished work; gas-fired flames, on the other hand, bring the surface temperature of the metal to over 3,000 ° C, with inevitable changes in the structural characteristics of the metal itself.

The absence of open flames allows you to work near cables, pipes or other parts sensitive to heat. Induction heating generates heat only at the required point, reaching the desired temperature quickly with an enormous advantage in terms of time and consumption. Maximum safety without gas cylinders. The heater is also equipped with a special INSULATION TRANSFORMER to guarantee the user maximum safety even in the most unfavorable conditions, even in the event of a faulty electrical system.

Welding can be started within a few minutes of switching on the machine.

High efficiency and speed, labor cost reduced by 90%. Energy cost reduced by more than 80%

Maximum power. 11 kW, adjustable on 10 levels
Frequency: 10-50kHz self-adjustment
Power supply: 3x400V, 16A
Cables for heating of 2 x 12 meters
Liquid cooling
Power cable 10m
Possibility to set the heating time or temperature

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