Helios Paint Remover


induction heater

induction heater

induction heater

Machine for removing bitumen coatings, glues, paints or carpets from iron metal surfaces of ships trains or offshore structures, bitumen or other protective substances from pipelines, large painted surfaces in general. Induction heating generates heat only at the required point, can quickly bring the metal to very high temperatures, but 150/200 C is sufficient to perform the most common removal operations of any material bonded to iron. The machine is controlled by a powerful latest-generation ARM-Cortex M4 processor with exclusive T-DIP (Digital Induction Processing) technology, which guarantees complete process reliability, high control accuracy and a high degree of adaptability to different operating conditions. 

ISOLATION TRANSFORMER to provide maximum safety for the operator, even in the most unfavourable conditions, even in the event of a faulty and obsolete electrical system. The machine can be equipped with a capacitor trolley for use up to 100 metres away from the generator, extensions are available in 25 or 50 metre sizes.



-Power: 40 kW with regulation on 10 levels
-Frequency: 10-50 kHz self-regulation
-Power supply: 380-400V, 3ph, 63A
-Tube beam length of 6 m
-Power supply cable 10 m


To alleviate the difficulties of operators who use these machines in environments that are often uncomfortable, cramped or difficult to reach, efforts have been made to reduce the weight and bulk of the mobile part of the machine as much as possible. The condenser satellite has a diameter of just over 20 cm and a very low weight, the heating head can be manouvred with one hand when on the trolley but can be removed for work that is not on the floor. 

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